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PVN Spotlight: What Matters to You? 2020


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You shared, we listened and learned 

We were thrilled to see the enthusiasm for sharing your “What Matters to You?” stories and talking about what really matters to you. We wanted to thank you and ask that you continue to share your stories.

We all learn and grow from hearing about what’s important to you. As we work towards sharing “What Matters to You?” stories with you in the future, here a sampling of what we’ve heard!

“I put on ‘What Matters to You?’ Day at Vancouver General Hospital. It was a big success. More than 10 units participated and many of the staff gained new insights into making patient care more holistic and person-centred.”
— Dara Lewis, Vancouver



“I live in the small, rural community of Smithers, which I love. My diagnosis of cancer came in 2017 and for my husband the onset of macular degeneration
followed shortly afterwards. Treatments for both have necessitated travel, Vancouver for me and monthly visits to Terrace for him. Once we get to the centre providing the treatments, they are excellent. But it is problematic getting to the centres, particularly in winter. I wish that rural BC had a daily bus service like it used to with Greyhound so that we could do these winter trips more safely.
— Moira McMillan, Smithers

“What matters to me? That my doctor has adapted to be as fully supportive and inclusive and effective as possible to ensure we are still receiving the care we need. Dr. Megan Taylor sees you in person when necessary but does appointments by phone when possible. That is what matters to me. Receiving continued efficient, and personable, support from my physician despite a pandemic.”
 Sandi McCreight, Castlegar

“What matters to me is preventing isolation. After a seven-car pileup that caused my injuries, I thought I had to navigate pain all by myself. It was challenging, exhausting, frustrating and overwhelming. Early intervention can be crucial to achieving wellness and it’s a huge relief to know that Pain BC is here to help people from all walks of life and prevent the isolation that I felt.”
 Sarah Sandusky, Castlegar



Author: the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council team

From Our Community

Christine Wallsworth

Patient Partner, Vancouver

Christine Wallsworth

Patient and family partners should not be a check box on research proposals! They need to be involved right from the start. I know patient and family partners are doing their part by providing their knowledge to researchers from their lived experience.  It’s a win-win for us to work together through PVN to make sure our input drives improvements.