Word in the Network: Working Together to Improve PVN

We know that meaningful engagement leads to shared understanding and better outcomes, even as we continue to battle COVID-19. Through surveys, Twitter chats, direct conversations and other means, we’ve heard that you want to be a part of building and expanding PVN. In an effort to incorporate feedback into practice, we’ve developed a partnership structure with patient and health care partners which will have three focus areas:

PVN Community: Create opportunities for connection, increase the readiness of patient and health care partners and enhance the diversity of voices.

PVN Learning: Build a system of learning that aligns with real-time patient engagement topics, consistent approaches, shared patient engagement impact stories and increased knowledge among members.

PVN Engagement: Update supports that increase meaningful opportunities to engage with health care teams and focus on how patient partner input is influencing health care improvements.

The first round of working groups is currently available for you to RSVP through the Opportunities Page of our website. We encourage you to join us as we build PVN, together.

the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council team

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