Introducing Cassy Mitchell, our New Engagement Leader!

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We are pleased to welcome Cassy Mitchell as the new Engagement Leader in Northwest BC!

Cassy joins the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council as part of the team that supports PVN. She is taking over for Anthony Gagné, who recently took on another position within the Council.

Cassy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Council, as both a patient and a health care provider. She originally became involved with PVN as a patient partner, and was part of PVN’s Oversight & Advisory Council for over a year. She has a Master’s degree in Health and a diploma in gerontology. When she emigrated to Canada from the UK in 2008, she worked for Northern Health as a nurse and supported public health information systems, before moving to a role with the Haisla Nation.

Cassy is excited to bring her skills to the team at the Council and to support PVN in a different capacity. She says “I feel it is important that health care organizations get to hear the patient experience when implementing change. I appreciate the challenges that can be faced by patients living in the North and the additional challenges faced by Indigenous populations.”

Welcome aboard, Cassy!

Written by Lauren McGuire-Wood

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2 thoughts on “Introducing Cassy Mitchell, our New Engagement Leader!

  1. Congratulations Cassy!!! You will be such a valuable asset in the North, as I’ve seen how you’ve contributed to PVN in your role on the Oversight & Advisory Committee. I wish you every success in your new role!!


  2. Susi Wilkinson says:

    Hi Cassie,

    Congratulations in your new role and it was wonderful to meet you this week in Penticton! /Susi Wilkinson, Interior Health

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