Demystifying Health Care Language

From CME to SBAR, health care language isn’t always the most straightforward. In fact, sometimes it can feel like a foreign language. But there’s no need to worry! Our new glossary provides simple explanations of the terminology and jargon you may encounter as a member of PVN.

We connect patients, families and caregivers with health care partners to encourage information sharing and authentic patient engagement. But in order to have these important conversations, it’s important that everyone involved feels equipped with the right tools and resources to participate.

That’s why we’ve created a glossary of terms that you may come across as a PVN member. The glossary will allow you to better navigate engagement opportunities, and may provide some useful information that helps you communicate your health care experiences.

If you come across terminology or methods that aren’t in our glossary and you think they would be helpful to other patient partners, please let us know!

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