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Change Day is Back in 2017! Send Your Pledges and Stories

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Change Day 2017 is taking place on November 17 and you’re invited to join us in making health care better in BC! In this post you will learn more about the campaign and how to submit your pledge and stories:

Two years ago, the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council, along with 51 partners across BC, led the first Change Day BC. Change Day is a global movement that was started in 2013 by the National Health Service in England. The premise is simple: any person can make a pledge to make one small change that can improve quality of care for patients. Countries all over the world have since launched their own Change Days, spreading the energy and excitement to improve care globally. Over a million people have made pledges, and in 2015 there were 7,877 pledges made in BC alone in 2015!

This year, Change Day will be taking place on November 17, and will be celebrated in BC, Alberta and Ontario. The Change Day BC team will be focusing on different pledge themes and topics throughout the campaign, including a week dedicated to Patient-and Family-Centred Care from September 18-25!

Patient- and Family-Centred Care Week

During the week of September 18-25, the Change Day BC blog will be featuring stories about pledges that improve the quality of patient care. That’s where you come in: we’d love to hear your stories about one small pledge that you plan to make to improve the care you provide to others, or to improve your own health and care. Stories about what pledges your caregivers and health care providers could make to create a positive difference for you are also welcome. If you would like to contribute a story for the Change Day blog, please email by September 13.

Change Day BC will also be spotlighting pledges that focus on patient- and family-centred care on their social media accounts, so if you make your pledge before September 18, you might see it celebrated on Twitter or  Facebook! 

Learn more about Change Day here, or make a pledge now!

Author: Michelle Cyca

Michelle is a Communications Specialist for the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council. In her spare time she rides her bike, does yoga, organizes Evening Rounds and writes for print & online publications.

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